Saturday 19th January 2019 will see a number of events within Central London that may have an impact on the transport system as a result of some road closures. The Women’s March will form up at Portland Place outside the BBC premises at 1200 and then follow the route of Regents Street, Haymarket, Pall Mall East and into Trafalgar Square for a rally between 1330 and 1500.  Regents Street at the junction with Oxford Circus currently has Emergency Repair works from Cadent Gas meaning the March will be directed into the North bound carriageway further impacting for a period of time whilst the march passes through. It is anticipated up to 2000 may be attending to support this cause. The Yellow Jacket element of protests this weekend is being developed with initial form up in Trafalgar Square from 1200 then onto areas as yet to be confirmed.

The map outlines the route agreed for the Women’s March  



Policing Plan

The Metropolitan Police Service has a policing plan in place with road closures to ensure the safety of those taking part.


Businesses and private premises should be aware that a majority of protests are peaceful and under Human Rights legislation should be facilitated on public land unless certain exceptions apply, however it is always possible that individuals attending may not be intent on holding a peaceful protest.



We would recommend that retail outlets who may be affected by such activity taking place review their security plans and operating procedures. This could include:


  1. Checking CCTV systems and ensuring that they are operating correctly, that cameras cover vulnerable areas and are capable of recording clear images of vehicles, registration plates and riders.


  1. Consider the removal of non essential items, such as marketing displays and loose signage, from public areas, particularly open forecourts, to minimise the potential of theft and damage. This is unlikely in this instance and should be considered only if protest occurs near your premises and they feel necessary.