This qualification is designed to support a niche market within the licensed hospitality industry, by giving learners the skills and knowledge to deal effectively with crime scenes, including communication in emergency situations, scene preservation procedures, crowd management and incident reporting.

All training courses can be tailored to your specific needs so that the training received by your staff is a perfect fit for the requirements of your organisation. The first part of this process is to complete a Training Needs Analysis which is then passed to our Training Co-ordinator and a proposed training delivery schedule will then be developed and cleared by your point of contact prior to delivery taking place.

Topics Covered

  1. 1.How to effectively communicate with colleagues, the public and emergency services
  2. 2.Relevant procedures to follow at a crime scene
  3. 3.How to effectively manage a crowd during an incident
  4. 4.The importance of incident reporting
  5. 5.How to effectively deal with conflict

Course Info

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